Palms of Laguna

Palms of Laguna

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Film photograph taken on a vintage Nikon 35mm with ilford BW film by Chelsea Neff. March, 2019.


This modern black frame looks great with pretty much everything, and its thin, gallery profile makes it perfect for small pieces. 

3/4" wide x 1 1/8" deep 

What's Included

Each frame is built and assembled by hand with your artwork in mind.

  • 01 Custom Frame

  • 02 Acid-Free Mat (if you want one!)

  • 03 Acrylic Glazing with UV Protection

  • 04 Acid-Free Kraft Paper Backing

  • 05 Hanging Hardware

  • 06 Archival Printing for Digital Uploads

  • 07 Free Shipping

  • 08 100% Happiness Guarantee

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